in which Joshua talks about summertime, time travel, and the sadistic nature of rural county architects

Due to the twisted nature of the mind of the sadist architect for built my house, my room is the hottest part of the whole structure. I have no idea why but it’s for this reason that I’ve spent the last ten minutes wondering around with my laptop trying to find a place that’s  cool enough to sit and type in.

Unfortunately, the best rating I’ve given to any room is tolerable and that’s the kitchen table but only without a shirt.

Fortunately, no one is home to be blinded by my fleshy pale exterior.

So, I finally sit down to type out this little blog update and I find I have an e-mail from my bank about some “irregular activity” on my bank account. Turns out they always raise an eyebrow when people make random purchases from quasi-shady Canadian Third Party video game equipment distributors. Who knew?

Anyway, I was able to clear it up and assure them that it was “totally legit.”

This summer has been absolutely lovely. The fact that my creative juices have been flowing so freely and I get at least five hours of free time a day totally makes up for the lack of A/C in this house.

I’ve been working on a new project. It’s currant title is “Into Summer.” It’s a computer game love story about time travel. I’m hoping to use it as an exploration of mood and atmosphere but in a way that isn’t eyeball melting-ly boring the way all other games that are made with those goals in mind seem to be. Also, anyone who’s truly savvy will have noticed that the title is an reference to an old 1950’s sci-fi book called The Door Into Summer also about time travel, but very different to this project.

2064 001

I’ve written some lengthy prose concerning the two main characters and their situation but I’m extremely hesitant to upload it to this blog or even deviant art. I’d rather keep them private, however proud of them I am.

Also, I haven’t forgotten my old project, the REALLY big one called “Eyes On Trial".” It’s really big and honestly the sort of thing that’s totally out of my league for the moment in terms of plausibility. But, it remains,  in the background and eventually I will take it and I will organize it and streamline it and probably subtract some things in order to fully expand on the key elements. Blah blah blah, game designer talk.

I’m feeling that weird conflict between journaling here and journaling in my private, physical diary. The physical diary is obviously for more personal things that would be inappropriate for here (like the details of a recent phone call with my ex for instance.)

I feel bad writing so much but not adding a photo. Oh hell, here’s a  picture of me without a shirt eating a croissant with crème fraîche.

creme fraiche 6-11-2009


p.s. just as a started adding the tags to think i heard thunder and now i’m looking out my window at the prettiest summer rain you could imagine. 🙂

The Retro Duo
May 10, 2009, 12:05 pm
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So I recently bought a machine.


It’s pretty sweet (unlike my camera. Sorry!)

It was about fifty bucks at Play & Trade at the Mall of Georgia.

I love that place. I know it’s a mall, but I LOVE it.

So anyway, this thing is great. It plays NES and SNES games. It’s got a slightly cheapish plasticy feel to it, but it works great so no complaints.


Also, it uses actual SNES controllers. Well, it came with some fake ones that weren’t as good as real Nintendo ones, but I got a real one so it’s ok.

Here’s a buncha photos of it:



So, these are the games I currantly have and I’m sort of on a quest to get several specific ones (can you say “ebay”?)

SNES – Super Metroid
SNES – Zelda: A Link to the Past

NES – Metal Storm

I’m sure there are more, there’s a ton of old SNES classics I have yet to think of. Maybe Mortal Kombat 3?

Fable Dream
January 21, 2009, 7:39 am
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Last night I had a dream I was inside of Fable 2. Like, in Albion trying to live my life.

So, lots of fun, wearing three cornered hats killing bandits and hobs. Wonderful.

I owned a home, behind the Demon Door in Oakfeild. I had a big ol’ hammer and a serious blunderbuss (when it come to killing things I really don’t like pulling punches) and Phil. I know at least one of my readers will remember Phil, my husband whom i situated first in my buggy in the gypsy village and then in the home behind the demon door, Serenity Farm.

Well, in the dream I was married to Phil. And, just like the game he was slightly effeminate and completely prudish. Which, when you’re married and rarely see each other is rather putting off.

So, one day I’m out adventuring and such and I go down into what appears to be a well but then is like this platform suspended over this HUGE empty underground cavern. Whatever.

I bash a few Hollow Men and come across a bandit. He’s a alone. And I, being generous, decide to slay him on the spot. Approach with my dagger (because, my dream is far more realistic, meaning one doesn’t use one’s hammer for everything) intending to cut his throat and I’m standing silently before him, unarmed and disrobed from the waist up. He had a slightly muscular build with a little fat on him. A round face with shortish red hair and patchy facial hair, he couldn’t have been a year older than me. And bright blue eyes and freckles.

It’s funny what sensations your brain can reproduce once you’ve already experienced them. Like kissing.

I drop the knife and we let our selves go. And it isn’t dirty or animalistic. It’s quick and a little rough, but tender. We slow down and sort of sway and we talked and he wasn’t a bandit.

And then, in sick connection with real life, I felt in my dream that feeling I got when I was talking seriously with several people at once on Unnamed Dating Site.

Ugh. Ouch.

So my dream just served to re illustrate two things for me.

1.) Red heads are hot as heck.

2.) Don’t start things you can’t finish.

This is part of why I’m taking a break from dating site stuff. I need time to emotionally recoup and get things together. And if I do decide to go back (I’m honestly quite up in the air about it at this point) NO LONG DISTANT RELATIONSHIPS.

I mean, wow, ouch. Those are so bad for you.

Anyway, have a grood day.