Jarrett’s Sonnet 1
July 28, 2010, 12:23 am
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When sitting, oft the sitter’s eyes will glance
On nearby movement, and with little scan,
He tries his best, the sitter, to advance,
His knowledge of the virtues of a man.
A tallish, fellow, with penumbras gate,
With hair and hands and details very small.
The man in question seems almost too straight;
To bear the things the sitter seeks at all.
This sitter marks the air the passers lends,
And makes a mental note, to later think,
Whom he could see, or, Providence chagrins,
Whom he could catch, and hold, and fin’ly sink.
    For in this World there’s more than ample time,
    For lonely men, internal peeks to climb.


I found this kicking around my Documents folder just now. I remember writing it but I don’t remember when. I know where, I was in the market.