The course of inhuman events; a light
October 28, 2009, 11:03 am
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A dim unpleasantness shined on by the kindness of an actual Christian. Yes, they exist. Not the blabbering, angry, greedy and hateful bunch you see on the 700 and at my family’s holiday dinners. But the real ones, those people who’s kindness and love for their brother and sister homo-sapiens is a true testament to human potential.

I have high hopes that the two foreign countries I held in my hand on the bus this morning may one day light that candle in each other.

In the course of inhuman events we find the smallest gestures do nothing that the gesture entails. Kindnesses are like oases in Sahara days. And they tell us this: I’m on your side, I root for you, we are allies.

I wrote a letter, it’s here. I need to find pleasant things to include in the envelope as the letter itself is a bit  heavy.  Not heavy like weight, heavy like Marty McFly says HEAVY.

There are two people here that I would have known anyway if my life hadn’t changed. I mean, I know ‘em now, but I would have known them anyway.

Would I still have come to Columbus is my path had directed me toward Dacula High? Would I still want to be an artist? Would I have known all the same love and childish enterprise Flowery Branch gave me?

Would the group of athletes have yelled “We don’t want queers at our school!”? Would I have had that beer bottle thrown at me from a moving truck?

Would it have been worse?

Bless (v.t) 1. To make or pronounce holy; to consecrate

Halloween is a-comin’. Light a candle for the vampires and witches and autumns lost.

Love is a-foot.