Fable Dream
January 21, 2009, 7:39 am
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Last night I had a dream I was inside of Fable 2. Like, in Albion trying to live my life.

So, lots of fun, wearing three cornered hats killing bandits and hobs. Wonderful.

I owned a home, behind the Demon Door in Oakfeild. I had a big ol’ hammer and a serious blunderbuss (when it come to killing things I really don’t like pulling punches) and Phil. I know at least one of my readers will remember Phil, my husband whom i situated first in my buggy in the gypsy village and then in the home behind the demon door, Serenity Farm.

Well, in the dream I was married to Phil. And, just like the game he was slightly effeminate and completely prudish. Which, when you’re married and rarely see each other is rather putting off.

So, one day I’m out adventuring and such and I go down into what appears to be a well but then is like this platform suspended over this HUGE empty underground cavern. Whatever.

I bash a few Hollow Men and come across a bandit. He’s a alone. And I, being generous, decide to slay him on the spot. Approach with my dagger (because, my dream is far more realistic, meaning one doesn’t use one’s hammer for everything) intending to cut his throat and I’m standing silently before him, unarmed and disrobed from the waist up. He had a slightly muscular build with a little fat on him. A round face with shortish red hair and patchy facial hair, he couldn’t have been a year older than me. And bright blue eyes and freckles.

It’s funny what sensations your brain can reproduce once you’ve already experienced them. Like kissing.

I drop the knife and we let our selves go. And it isn’t dirty or animalistic. It’s quick and a little rough, but tender. We slow down and sort of sway and we talked and he wasn’t a bandit.

And then, in sick connection with real life, I felt in my dream that feeling I got when I was talking seriously with several people at once on Unnamed Dating Site.

Ugh. Ouch.

So my dream just served to re illustrate two things for me.

1.) Red heads are hot as heck.

2.) Don’t start things you can’t finish.

This is part of why I’m taking a break from dating site stuff. I need time to emotionally recoup and get things together. And if I do decide to go back (I’m honestly quite up in the air about it at this point) NO LONG DISTANT RELATIONSHIPS.

I mean, wow, ouch. Those are so bad for you.

Anyway, have a grood day.