Gettin’ Back In The Literary Saddle

Well, the summer semester is just moments from ending and I couldn’t be happier. Autumn will come soon and with her bring cooler weather, more friends, and new classes. My schedule is as follows:

Sculpture (9:30 – noon) Writing Fic.
Sculpture (9:30 – noon) Writing Fic.
(1:30 – 4p)
Art History
(1:30 – 4p)
Art History

Busy but satisfying, I hope.

An article linked on huffpost got me looking into novels of the ancient world (it seems the proto-novel was not Robinson Crusoe) and I turned up a couple treasures I will now hunt for copies of.

The Tale of Genji

Written in the early eleventh century this book seems like my cup of tea. Ancient cultures, aristocracy, fairy-take creatures, a hero, it’s got it all. Plus Yoshitaka Amano apparently did a book of illustration for it, so, I’m sold.

The Story of Burnt Njal

Now this looks fantastic. It’s an Icelandic traditional from about the 13th century. I read the first little bit of it concerning this man named Fiddle and his daughter Unna.


Honestly, I don’t know which one I’m more excited about. I’ll admit that I adored The Lovely Bones and I’m sure The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is going to be enchanting; still, it’s really refreshing to be enthusiastic about something that’s not on the best seller list or has movies made about it.

Now y’all have a nice Summer terminus, as for me I’ve got a math project to finish and a paper about Hamlet to write.



My Reading List for two thousand nine thru two thousand ten
August 6, 2009, 6:11 pm
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A Long Way Gone (still reading; for school)

God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything (still reading)

-the rest of the Ender books-

A Thousand Splendid Suns

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Atlas Shrugged

On Writing

Blindness (Jose Saramango)


Diary (Chuck Palahniuk)

Fight Club

Gone With the Wind

The Host

The House on the Strand

Howl’s Moving Castle

The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Odd Thomas


The Quiet American

Reflections of a Peacemaker


Secret Life of Houdini, The

Slaughterhouse V

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Veronica Decides To Die

Written on the Body

This list, lovingly compiled by my dear personal facebook friends, will be strictly followed and I will be updating here my thoughts on every book I read once I read it.