January 15, 2009, 9:21 pm
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I feel the desire to add content to this blog.

Today I got asked a question. The question was “If you could only have one super power, what power would it be? Why?”

The first thoughts I had were the two usual powers that people tend to think of first. Invisibility and flight. Now, I have already long ago ruled out invisibility for myself. Even if I were to become impossible to detect by the eyes my unquenchable desire to constantly talk would definitely give me away. So, that’s out.

Then I considered flight, but, while I was considering flight I started thinking about Bioshock, a favorite video game of mine. Over the course of this game, you, the player, attain certain abilities and powers. These include but are not limited to freezing people and objects, causing people and objects to erupt in flames, shooting bolts of lightning at people and objects and releasing a very angry and very powerful (albeit, shortlived) swarm of bees from your hands to terrorise people and objects.

I like the idea of being able to do these things.

But, like invisibility, I had to look at these talents from a personal perspective. And I realize that I become aggravated so often and so intensely that were I able to perform such feats as lethal electrical discharge or contra-immolation I would probably end up committing homocide several times a week.

Not good for business.

So, I narrowed it down to either the joy of flight or the non-leathal bee attack (unless the target is allergic to bees).  I began concidering these two things. I thought about flying, because, you know… it’s flying and all. And bees. And I realized a few things.

1.) I would only fly at night because I really really do not want the crazy attention that would be associated with the sight of a man in flight.

2.) I could only fly alone. No one to share impossible vistas with. No one to swoop down and score the dark glimmering surface of lakes with.  No one’s hands holding mine while I bust through clouds and skim the tops of the verdant North Georgia oaks.

3.) These bees would not be in my direct control. They would live for about thirty seconds, stinging everything the moves and then die. An excellent get-away tactic. but I rarely have occasion to get-away.

4.) Being able to shoot bees would probably encourage me to be in more situations where getting away would be nessecary.

5.) If I could fly I could instantly run away from nearly any problem life throws a me. From a bad argument to a sabertooth’d tiger. So, instead of facing my problems and learning and growing from them, my main instinct in any situation would be too run. I’d have all the character and moral fiber of a seagull.

So, bees = schacanery of a probably increasingly serious nature and flight = ultimately destroying my ability to cope with anything.

*Sigh* I guess I’ll just be a parselmouth. Fun sometimes, but ultimately harmless to me and others.

I’m such a prude.