Flag Hunt
July 12, 2010, 12:48 am
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A friend of mine recently bought some kick-ass flags from a flea market in north Georgia. It’s a Union Jack and Irish flag. He’s really excited about them while we were walking around looking at what will be my room next semester he suggested I get some flags to hang up on the exposed sprinkler pipes. I liked the idea and went online to look for a cheap flag or two.

I approached the idea of flag buying the same way I’ve approached the idea of getting a tattoo. (not that I have one yet, I’m far too young. I’m perfectly comfortable admitting that no nineteen year old knows what they would really want tot last forever.)

If I got a tattoo I would certainly want to it be something of personal significance to me. Ireland’s flag is cool, so is England’s, but my friend is neither of those things. I mean he’s white, but that’s about it.

So, what flag relates to me? Gay Pride? Hardly. America? I love America, but I’d like something a little more interesting than what’s hanging at every freaking street corner. I found one flag. One I really liked though.


Something about this. It kind of speaks to me. I think it’s the strong red color. I used to be kind of scared of red.

But there’s still more looking to do.

My point is, anyway, I guess I don’t have much allegiance to anything. I’ve been kind of afraid of the idea since I was little. Even when I was hardcore Christian I didn’t like to be called that. It’s sort of the fear that my identity will be taken away or lost in the transaction of loyalty.

I don’t want to let go of that, so I guess I’ll just buy a flag for something I admire rather than something I am or am trying to be.







I’ll have to keep looking.