July 28, 2010, 12:30 am
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He had friends with names like Chiffon, or Dmitri. I have no idea where he found these people but it wasn’t in the same place he found me. I was crawling around in the Do-It-Yourself section of the local mega-sized bookstore looking for something about chicken keeping for leisure. We broke up two months later.

The rules, according to a friend, are write a short story that’s fifty-five words long. Another recovered scrap from my hard-drive.

Jarrett’s Sonnet 1
July 28, 2010, 12:23 am
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When sitting, oft the sitter’s eyes will glance
On nearby movement, and with little scan,
He tries his best, the sitter, to advance,
His knowledge of the virtues of a man.
A tallish, fellow, with penumbras gate,
With hair and hands and details very small.
The man in question seems almost too straight;
To bear the things the sitter seeks at all.
This sitter marks the air the passers lends,
And makes a mental note, to later think,
Whom he could see, or, Providence chagrins,
Whom he could catch, and hold, and fin’ly sink.
    For in this World there’s more than ample time,
    For lonely men, internal peeks to climb.


I found this kicking around my Documents folder just now. I remember writing it but I don’t remember when. I know where, I was in the market.

July 27, 2010, 9:39 pm
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i have no idea why that last post was so god damn chippy

Gettin’ Back In The Literary Saddle

Well, the summer semester is just moments from ending and I couldn’t be happier. Autumn will come soon and with her bring cooler weather, more friends, and new classes. My schedule is as follows:

Sculpture (9:30 – noon) Writing Fic.
Sculpture (9:30 – noon) Writing Fic.
(1:30 – 4p)
Art History
(1:30 – 4p)
Art History

Busy but satisfying, I hope.

An article linked on huffpost got me looking into novels of the ancient world (it seems the proto-novel was not Robinson Crusoe) and I turned up a couple treasures I will now hunt for copies of.

The Tale of Genji

Written in the early eleventh century this book seems like my cup of tea. Ancient cultures, aristocracy, fairy-take creatures, a hero, it’s got it all. Plus Yoshitaka Amano apparently did a book of illustration for it, so, I’m sold.

The Story of Burnt Njal

Now this looks fantastic. It’s an Icelandic traditional from about the 13th century. I read the first little bit of it concerning this man named Fiddle and his daughter Unna.


Honestly, I don’t know which one I’m more excited about. I’ll admit that I adored The Lovely Bones and I’m sure The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is going to be enchanting; still, it’s really refreshing to be enthusiastic about something that’s not on the best seller list or has movies made about it.

Now y’all have a nice Summer terminus, as for me I’ve got a math project to finish and a paper about Hamlet to write.



The Scarf
July 23, 2010, 11:34 pm
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It’s preposterous to say it’s never happened before, however, I’m glad to say that it has happened now. Something has cheered me up. Not in the illusive video game way of cheering you up where you are simply distracted from the object that’s bringing you down. I was cheered up about a particular issue directly. The show Pushing Daisies, recommended to me by a particular girl, has healed my distress concerning a particular scarf.


Flag Hunt
July 12, 2010, 12:48 am
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A friend of mine recently bought some kick-ass flags from a flea market in north Georgia. It’s a Union Jack and Irish flag. He’s really excited about them while we were walking around looking at what will be my room next semester he suggested I get some flags to hang up on the exposed sprinkler pipes. I liked the idea and went online to look for a cheap flag or two.

I approached the idea of flag buying the same way I’ve approached the idea of getting a tattoo. (not that I have one yet, I’m far too young. I’m perfectly comfortable admitting that no nineteen year old knows what they would really want tot last forever.)

If I got a tattoo I would certainly want to it be something of personal significance to me. Ireland’s flag is cool, so is England’s, but my friend is neither of those things. I mean he’s white, but that’s about it.

So, what flag relates to me? Gay Pride? Hardly. America? I love America, but I’d like something a little more interesting than what’s hanging at every freaking street corner. I found one flag. One I really liked though.


Something about this. It kind of speaks to me. I think it’s the strong red color. I used to be kind of scared of red.

But there’s still more looking to do.

My point is, anyway, I guess I don’t have much allegiance to anything. I’ve been kind of afraid of the idea since I was little. Even when I was hardcore Christian I didn’t like to be called that. It’s sort of the fear that my identity will be taken away or lost in the transaction of loyalty.

I don’t want to let go of that, so I guess I’ll just buy a flag for something I admire rather than something I am or am trying to be.







I’ll have to keep looking.

July 11, 2010, 12:22 am
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The time called summer moves real nicely along. I have only dry goods left in my larder, but I’m getting by. Knitting and crocheting for money is an infinitely hectic task. I’d rather like it to slow down as the stress level does not compare favorably to net profits whatsoever.

I wonder what fall will be like.I don’t think I’m wondering as much about this fall as I was about the last one. I’ve been here. I know what to expect. 

My birthday is in ten days. The Nyphaeaceae are a family of water lilies and the month flower of July. The crab represents Cancer.

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I find myself constantly trying to figure out what kind of artist I want to be. I too often compare myself harshly to people who’ve been drawing and illustrating for long periods of time. i don’t have my Thing yet. Do I want one?

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Without work, nothing.

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July 8, 2010, 1:15 am
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Err… ‘What I’ve Lately Been Up Too’

We did a puzzle.


Now, the fun bit. My friend Griffin and I made butterbeer from a recipe I found here.

And yes, it ws Fox News. In my defensive the stumbleupon button brought me there. I don’t actually read Fox.

Here’s a photo log of the fun.












It was INTENSLY sweet. The recipe honestly was rather imperfect, but I feel I can improve it. Stay tuned for more updates.

In other news, I smoked a cigarette while looking at this today: