3D Work Update. Some finished, some unfinished.
April 18, 2010, 5:02 pm
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Ok, first the finished pieces. Two variations on the same idea, an apple emerging from a rose. It wasn’t until I had finalized the design that a friend pointed out to me it’s stupendously frank feminine symbols. Oh well. Funnily, neither him or I are pagan. (Christian and Atheist, respectively.)

Anyway. Have a look see.







Yeah, that last one’s a bit phallic. Oh well.

Moving on, there’s my plastic piece, the one I posted about before.







i tried to work with a rough, sort of unfinished look for one side. It ended up looking a little wind-blasted to me, but I’m totally ok with that.


The thing I really, really, really hate. The woodworking sculpture. It’s mostly just them saws really, they just kill me every time. Can’t stand them.




This is how much I love wood working:


Oh well, getting close anyway:


Besides that, I haven’t done much more than read. I’m currently trying to get through The Catcher in the Rye. It’s really moving, lots of people try to say that Holden’s being a angsty teen, but really, all his feelings are pretty justified. Yes, it’s his own fault that he’s getting kicked out of school, but the book is more like accepting that and not thinking about it. Just going along and figuring out how to deal. It’s a lot of what I, and probably most anyone who both gives a shit about their education and sometimes gets bad grades, have to do. I also really enjoy the cover. Both of the Catcher covers are superb.




I sort of like the second one better, maybe it’s cause it’s the cover of the first version of the book I read. The first one feels a little too fairy tale for how I’d like it. Oh well, it’s the version I currently own and I’m ok with it.

BONUS! Here’s some silly pictures of me at my desk.





So, that’s fun.


Also: I want this.

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Saws are terrifying beasts. I firmly believe that if I ever lose my fear of them I will lose a finger.

overall though, very interesting work, its good to see what I have been hearing about from Tori

Keep well, good sir, see you soon.

Comment by Victor

Hey josh!
Its been so long! I miss you and hope you are having a lot of fun off at college, I really like your piece of the apple emerging from a rose, I wouldn’t be too bothered with the fact that it is a feminine symbol for something, but it’s interesting to learn new things. I have not worked with wood yet and don’t really wish too, but by the look of your face you don’t seem to happy about it.
well I miss you a lot and hope things are going great! I hope to see you sometime!


Comment by kinsey

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