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April 9, 2010, 11:02 pm
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I’m pleased to see other departments do well, and I’m so proud of my actor friends and technical theater (yes, er, not re) friends. Y’all have done a wonderful, enchanting and above-average job.

I’m currently listening to “On Avery Island” (1996) by Neutral Milk Hotel. It’s a really lovely cd so far, very different to “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” (1998), but very beautiful.



I finally tried horchata today. It’s extravagantly delicious.

Allot me a second to saying something with a little weight. I usually feel pretty distance from other gay men. I’m just a different kind of person, meet me and you’ll get it. Usually this bothers me, because most of the time I can split our demographic into extreme neat groups: Overly Feminine, Drug-Users and Crazy. Really, take a look around, either you are one of those things, you’re straight, or you’re me.

These are the thoughts that are usually hanging around seeming true (whether they are or not should be obvious) when I’m feeling depressed. But that’s a sort of funny word, depressed. Because when you are depressed you don’t think you’re depressed, you think you have “clarity” and that your unhappiness comes from this understanding of The Way Things Really Are, which, in those moments, is pretty bleak.

Anyway, during these destructive moments of Differentness I find a lot of comfort in the writings of Mr. David Badash and Mr. Cody Daigle. I suppose if I were still sixteen I’d be saying the same thing about Leaves of Grass or The Perks of Being a Wallflower, unfortunately, being in college means being out in the world are darkly (if gorgeous and moving) literature doesn’t always do it. Sometimes you need current and real-world voices. And these two are good.

Oh, right, my point, they are now both writing at the same place, that is: The New Civil Rights Movement. Go, read that shit.

At least, read I Do Not Deserve Your Tolerance. It’s so good, so so good.

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Everybody always talks about the other one. I think On Avery Island is shamefully underrated. It is a complete thought, full of dreamlike imagery. Makes me cry on a regular basis.

Comment by dailydinosaur

I just finished listening to it! I haven’t really gotten too deep into the meanings and lyrics and such because it was the first time I’d heard it, but what a beautiful album, truly.

Comment by Joshua

Well I’m glad to hear of anyone who’s giving Avery Island a fair chance. One of my best friends told me the other day that Aeroplane is her favourite album of all time. And then said she’d never even heard On Avery Island, not even once! Makes me explode to hear that.

Anyway. Good. You have a good blog, by the way. I appreciate your point of view.

Comment by dailydinosaur

Thanks Dino! :]

Comment by Joshua

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