Angels in the Architecture
October 1, 2009, 9:20 am
Filed under: literature, Mysteries


Today a college student woke Himself up before Noon
Just to be awake and Watch the sun come Up.

Years ago he did this

But now his cliff is a parking deck; his vista,
Four Church Steeples lit by diffracted orange light.

We’ve never seen YOU before, says the First Steeple,
But, surely you’ve come to see US.

“Nope,” he says,
“I’m here

Silly! says the Third Steeple,
The Sun is ANOTHER ONE of our Spectators. It lights US.

“No, She is not,” says the freshman says (without gusto),
“Light touches you same as it touches me.”

The Sun then shone

Our Greatest Admirer is Finally here!
The Fourth Steeple can barely contain itself.

See our Flying buttresses, our great gargoyles and iron crosses.
We are the greatest structures in creation. Rejoice!

But the Sun
A shit.


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Josh I miss you dearly. Letter will be mailed Monday. You will enjoy the little goodies I have stuffed in there.
I am glad you are updating your blog!
I enjoyed reading this entry, imagery was fantastic, I felt as if I was there as the college student.
I am actually looking at the college you are attending now. I really want to get away from this place…

I met a guy recently who was a photographer major at Scad today, he said he loved the school and thinks I should go for it, that I should go to scad even though I lack the money for it…but I am too scared to take out the loans…but you have to risk stuff sometimes for the things you love!

Ps: I still miss you dearly!
love kinsey!

Comment by Kinsey

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