Moon Rise (complete)
May 19, 2009, 10:52 am
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The moon is a great apostle of liberty. Like the Marquis de LaFayette.

“No, this is how it works
You peer inside yourself
You take the things you like
And try to love the things you took
And then you take that love you made
And stick it into some
Someone else’s heart
Pumping someone else’s blood
And walking arm in arm
You hope it don’t get harmed
But even if it does
You’ll just do it all again

This painting has personal meaning. I’m getting to the point where I see loneliness, and the languishing about such, as kind f immature. If I were to open my  mouth up and complain about being lonely in life right now it would be as if I were walking along the great wall of China and complaining that my feet hurt from all the old stones.

Life, daily life especially, is an absolute bouquet of the most delicious sensations available to sentient life. I’m convinced of this: laughter is better than fucking, because it costs nothing.

This red moon is  solumn joy raising over a familiar and not unhospitable landscape. The house is made of yarn, it is a construction that can be deconstructed and moved.

I find the activity of cutting and gluing various types of yarn to various types of objects weirdly soothing. I will pursue this  form of leisure.

Also,  hot pink and metallic silver paint markers please me^_^

That is all.


1. Transitional lense that become reflective. That is, from prefectly transparent to mirrors.

2. Cellphone/mp3 player/camera/PDA/wrist watch with a transparent, flexable screen.

3. Economical electric vehicals.

4. Holograms, damn it.

5. Solar panels that actually work.

Moon Rise (unfinished)
May 15, 2009, 4:30 pm
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What other elements does this neeeeeeeeeeeed?

Larger size here.

Five Fingers
May 10, 2009, 9:03 pm
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…damn three posts in one day.

Ok, I feel weird posting it ’cause it’s baically pictures of my feet. Dear foot fetishers, if you enjoy this post PLEASE DONT TELL ME.


So got some Vibrams Five Finger shoes. They are so comfortable.


And funky socks.

That is all.

a mess of a poem
May 10, 2009, 8:13 pm
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We’re biting back our beauty,
Doing diplomatic duty.
Sealing secrets safe from
Pious problematic prose.

It’s not easy to recognize
The men with empty wives;
Who’ve lived so long in shackles
Even they believe the lies.

And I wish it were less trouble to sort through all  the rubble,
Of hearts unhealed in the stinking silence of sick self-serving sex.

But someday we’ll embrace,
The Man who’s darkling face,
Betrays a life
Bereft of love
And buoying in bitter bottled bile.

-May 9, 2009 (jjarrett)

The Retro Duo
May 10, 2009, 12:05 pm
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So I recently bought a machine.


It’s pretty sweet (unlike my camera. Sorry!)

It was about fifty bucks at Play & Trade at the Mall of Georgia.

I love that place. I know it’s a mall, but I LOVE it.

So anyway, this thing is great. It plays NES and SNES games. It’s got a slightly cheapish plasticy feel to it, but it works great so no complaints.


Also, it uses actual SNES controllers. Well, it came with some fake ones that weren’t as good as real Nintendo ones, but I got a real one so it’s ok.

Here’s a buncha photos of it:



So, these are the games I currantly have and I’m sort of on a quest to get several specific ones (can you say “ebay”?)

SNES – Super Metroid
SNES – Zelda: A Link to the Past

NES – Metal Storm

I’m sure there are more, there’s a ton of old SNES classics I have yet to think of. Maybe Mortal Kombat 3?