Eh.. this always happens.
March 26, 2009, 6:35 am
Filed under: Mysteries

I always seem to paint something and then hate it and then the next dayreally appretiate it.

Still maybe not the best I have ever done. But it’s got some neat layers and bumpply texture. And I likeit.


I’m quite tired. And I have to go get on a school bus. bluuugggaaa bluuuggaualgualgfhsnblak,mnsdvcxn v   poo poo head

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that is such a uniqiue work of art!

Comment by Adela

i really like it. are you more into modern art? I used to be very opposed to it, but then I examined myself and asked “why not?” I think sometimes modern artists, in search for meaning, exempt a sense of nothingness instead, but I’m much more appreciative of the art form than I used to be. Wow, I just wrote a lot…
On my blog there’s a post I did about art nouveau if you’re interested…

Comment by Pansieberry

I commented on your graffiti post! I very much enjoyed it; thanks for telling me about it!

Comment by Pansieberry

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