Church Money
January 16, 2009, 11:50 pm
Filed under: Mysteries

When I was little I pulled the extra buttons off the bottom hem of my nice shirts and surreptitiously dropped them into the offering plate when it was passed to me at church. Did you ever do that?

I used to ask why we gave God money. I remember imagining a tube like the ones at the bank, that carried cash and checks and deposit slips (my grandmother was an accounttant) up to Heaven. Then I found out that the pastor got paid. Which seems bizarre to me. I mean, sure, he, as an indevidual preforms a service, but I always assumed that he had another job. It seemed weird to me for a church to circulate funds within itself. I tended to look at a church, as I still sort of do, as a single entity and not a collection of indeviduals.

I’m not sure where I was goign with this. I don’t attend them anymore. I’ll stop now.